Thursday, December 22, 2011

Velvet { main outfit }

Name: Velvet Progress: 1oo%
Series: Odin Sphere Total Cost: $125.oo
Version: Main Outfit Related Posts: here
Reference Images
Velvet has a gorgeous outfit. I'm not going to lie I think it's visually appealing; and beautiful! I decided to try and do Velvet after I finally started to play Odin Sphere. I'm going to attempt Gwendolyn later, but I loved Velvet and her design so much that I've decided to try my hand at her. I think it's a trend that I'm enjoying this slightly scandalous costumes! My boyfriend says its cuz I'm repressed, maybe he's right; all I know is Velvet is strong, and badass and I'm excited to try and do her justice

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