Sunday, December 25, 2011

velvet update { o1 }

Velvet is going both simultaneously hard and easy! I drafted her top from scratch, which went really smoothly but then I ran into problems with her hood. Overall I think the hardest part so far has been on what fabrics to use for her ;O;. I originally bought red velvet to use for her skirt and hood, but I didn't like the drape of it so in the end her costume is almost completely made out of suede. The black part on her shirt is a nice smooth stretch suede, while all the red is a heavy drapery suede--I'm not too sure because the discount store I shop at doesn't really keep detailed information about their fabrics, still I love them and they have an amazing selection compared to Joanns!

The red suede is a bit uncomfortable and heavy, but it gives a much better drape then the velvet was giving me so I'm happy :3. The red puffs on her sleeve are also a taffeta. I had ordered two wigs for her--due to some miscommunication on my end @__@; however, that worked out as I messed up on my first attempt =3= so it worked out for the best that I ended up having a fallback wig :D. I'll eventually get a better wig, but right now I'm in a bit of a time crunch trying to get things done in time for ALA @__@.

Right now I'm working on the stars for her hood and cap, my boyfriend has printed them out on his 3D printer, and we've been beveling the edges and working on smoothing them before painting and attaching them :3. I really wanted that soft edged look that Odin Sphere has to come across. Otherwise I'm working on her cap and her hip swag; as it has a fairly peculiar drape :O. Anyway, here's a progress shot from of me :D, more to come later--when I hopefully will have a completed costume ^3^.

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