Friday, January 20, 2012

blue rose { oo1 }

Them curves be lethal! So I've started progress on blue rose, by first working on her structural garments. I'm shaped like a boy, so I use many many things to try and help me get the curves I need for costuming. For Blue Rose that entails first and foremost a waist cincher, which is an underbust corset. For Blue Rose my boyfriend and I are doing some research and testing out different ways that we can get the right effect without losing the cinching of the waist area since her costume rides low both in the front and the back. For now here's the progress, and when I'm done I plan on typing up a better tutorial on making this sucker.

First I found a pretty simple pattern online, at burdastyle that was free located here. Important note on this pattern though, it appears that the '4' piece is flipped, so keep that in mind when you're sewing :)!

I sewed it up according to the pattern given, out of spare twill I had laying around. Now since I needed to fit it I just cut holes in the back laced it with spare ribbon and then sewed the Center Front Opening shut so that I could fit it properly on me. After fitting it I discovered that I needed to reduce the pattern by about two inches since the corset touches when I tie it up, and there should always to about two inches opening in the back. So I've currently got the pattern pieces sized down and ready for round 2 of mock ups tomorrow!

Here it is lying out on my table, in all it's hugely sloppy and unattractive glory!

And here it is loosely pinned onto the mannequin ^___^!

All in all I think I'm just happy to have some type of progress going on!

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