Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Epic Loots { oo2 }

Well, I'm back from ALA and had a BLAST!!! I walked away from con happy and I'm totally going to go again next year, I didn't buy much this year, but I did manage to purchase two wigs from Epic Cosplay. I've heard about them, and to be honest I've stuck with Arda until now, but I loved the color swatches I saw in person, and so far the wigs are beautiful. They're soft and silky and I like that they have long bangs. I ended up buying two butt length wigs, one in a very pale silvery white and one in a pretty pale yellow blonde; for irisviel and saber respectively. I like the colors a lot, as one of my few complaints with Arda is that their wigs don't seem to hold bang styling really well, and their blondes are slightly too fakey cartoony for me. Still we'll see!

On another note I got 9 ribbons this year :D, I'm thinking of passing one out next year ^3^, but we'll see! I'm excited to start working on Saber, so see you on the flip side!

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