Thursday, November 17, 2011

Jane Porter

Name: Jane Porter Progress: 1oo%
Series: Disney's Tarzan Total Cost: ~$5oo.oo
Version: Main Yellow Dress Related Posts: here
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Jane was my first major project-cosplay wise. I also consider my first cosplay because this was kind of it for me, I'd dabbled in things here and there or had help with my other costumes but for this one I made it all by myself. Jane has always been one of my favorite Disney heroines, and ever since the movie came out I have always longed for her beautiful yellow bustle dress--so I at last decided to make it. I made it as historically accurate as possible, and I admit it now--I was totally in over my head.

Thankfully Heather at Truly Victorian was incredibly helpful with suggesting me patterns that would work, and even was lovely enough to give me advice as to what fabric choices would be best for period accuracy as well as the type of dress I was making. I owe a lot to her expertise ^^ and highly recommend there patterns to anyone looking to work in historical costuming. My boyfriend was a huge support as well in the endeavor and I greatly appreciated his unfailing belief and support in me!

Anyway, overall I have a bustle petticoat, two petticoats (one basic, one fashion), the main skirt, the bustle overskirt, and the bodice. I have combinations, a corset, a detached collar, belt, kidskin gloves, a cravat and hat as well. I still need to make her parasol--which I may eventually get around to. The whole costume is made out of cotton muslin for all the under layers, and silk dupioni for all the yellow and purple. The dupioni is from Silk Baron and it is lovely and wonderful! It is much prettier in person :). I made a wig for her, but it looks a bit off as I am admittedly not very talented at wig'm using my natural hair for now until I muster up the courage and cash to try again ^^.

Anyway since I made this costume before I started blogging, I'm just going to link my page where I posted everyone as I went :); and here's the link!

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