Monday, November 14, 2011

Tifa Progress Post { o1 }

The boot bottoms have been painted black, and then sealed with Pledge floor wax. I'm a little bummed it's so shiny but hopefully that'll go down over wear and tear! The metal bits have been cleaned up so all that's left is to put in the black shoe laces and the armor piece.

On another note last night I opened my Tifa wig at last! It's a Delilah in Black from Arda Wigs. Akwardly I've had it for a week, but I've been terrified opening it imagining all the horrible things that could go wrong within seconds of opening it, that would all ensue in a rats nest of wig that would require weeks and weeks of detangling eventually leading to me despairing and just buying a new one. Overdramatic much, right?

Anyway I womaned up and finally opened it. Thankfully none of my horrible premonitions came true, and I spent the evening detangling it in preparation for later :). It took four hours, so I have now learned to do this during the day rather then starting in the middle of the night XD. Anyway here are the pictures in progress.

Straight out of the bag! Not too bad :).

Halfway done! And it's looking pretty good. At this point I was thinking that next time I should totally watch a show while doing this ^^;.

All finished and looking nice and detangled.

Anyway now its braided nicely and sealed away for later styling purposes ^3^.

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