Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Epic Loots { oo1 }

Got a bunch of cosplay goodies in the mail this weekend :). Its been exciting XD, so I'd thought I'd share :3!

I got the patches I ordered for Frontiers SMS jacket and they look pretty neat! Admittedly I plan on cleaning them up a little here and there, otherwise I'm really pleased with the quality of the patches because they were pretty cheap ^^. Shipping was amazingly fast too!

If you were curious, I purchased the patches here and here. They were wonderful with the communication as I messed up on the patches on my end, but they fixed it immediately and shipped it out! I got it all only a week after ordering it I believe.

I also got in my wonderflex that I ordered from Cosplay Supplies. Also incredibly fast shipping and now I wish I had a costume to use it for! The one I had originally planned I changed my mind on so now I'm back to brainstorming!! Otherwise I ordered some Kimono fabric from Kimono Flea Market Ichiroya, and it's beautiful. The shipping was fast and they were totally on top of things! I opened the fabric and almost started drooling. It's sooo luxurious and soft, and beautiful. I definitely intend on purchasing all my fabrics for future projects from them! The pictures don't do the fabric justice and now I'm fired up and ready to work on Kaoru!

Even if you can't afford it, I highly recommend browsing their wealth of fabrics and kimonos because they are all sooo lovely!

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