Thursday, November 24, 2011

sheryl nome v. 1 { o1 }

Sheryl's coming along fabulously! Admittedly there's very little that I'm actually sewing together-the SMS jacket-but still! I'm more happy then anything else that things seem to be coming together relatively fast and smooth for this costume. Cosplay doesn't usually happen that way does it?!

I've received the shoes in the mail from Ebay and was delighted at how lovely and absolutely perfect they are for the costume! They are also amazingly comfortable on the feet! Which usually doesn't happen :O. Anyway I need to add the red ribbons to the shoe so that they can tie around my calf :3. I'm going to try and do them in a way that is attachable so that I can wear these shoes everyday! They're too fabulous to pass up--and that's what I love. Buying shoes >___<.

For the pants, I bought a pair of correctly colored over sized men's cargoes from Old Navy that were on sale and proceeded to rip them up. I ended up making a small cut with my shears and then proceeded to rip the rest of the seam to try and get it as deconstructed as I could to look like the picture. They've been through the wash and dry phase to try and get them looking even more ripped up. I just need to run some hidden darting through the waistline now so they stay on :P, no accidents while walking around con hopefully ^^;;;.

Other then that I've decided to go with a more expensive bra from Victoria's Secret, but hey why skimp on something that I can repurpose after cosplay? Every girl needs a good bra besides, and since I'm so dang flat I need all the help I can get in that department. Unfortunately I'm too flat for the cute bra's so I'll be buying a plain pink Miracle Bra and going through and covering it with dark pink lace which I plan on hand sewing on.

The first mock up for the SMS jacket has been made, and the patches I purchased on ebay. :3. My boyfriend has had a quick try on session but I still need to fit him and then make one more mock up. I'm pleased to see that I can repurpose this mock up as well for all general men's uniforms.

Other then that I've drawn a sketch of the design on her thigh. It's a bit big but I'll make it smaller, I was just hoping to get the design ironed out before anything else.

Will add pictures to this update later :3.

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