Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sheryl Nome { v. o2 }

Name: Sheryl Nome Progress: 1oo%
Series: Macross Frontier Total Cost: $86.oo
Version: Newtype Artwork Related Posts: here
Reference Images
So yes, this costume is a bit more daring then I've ever attempted...-okay fine waaay more daring then anything I've ever dreamed of doing. Still I've loved it since I first saw the artwork, and I wanted to try something new and different. I have Sheryl's normal outfit, and now I wanted something that represented the other side of her character. I wanted a cosplay that exuded Sheryl's star side, the glamorous, sexy, confident Sheryl that I love so much. I only hope that I can manage to pull it off; I feel it'll help my confidence levels as well--since, well, it's easy to be confident when you have something elaborate and wonderful on but much harder to do it when you have less on. It'll be a challenge, but hopefully I can manage to bring Sheryl to life!

My ulterior motive on this costume is also a kind of 2 birds with 1 stone viewpoint. I've been meaning to make the SMS uniform for my boyfriend to wear, and since Sheryl's jacket looks to be oversized I'm making it to his size so that this costume is essentially a 2fer1!

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